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CoursePlay v 4.00 Beta

CoursePlay v 4.00 Beta

Courseplay is a tool for the machines have to perform many different tasks for you. Those who default helper AI can not do. For example, Courseplay ideal for unloading plant, driving the chaff from the helicopter to the farm or BGA. Courseplay been developed continuously over the last 3 years. By now, you can even push the bale hay collect, cultivate, fertilize and seed plots, mowing or empty your BGA silo. Now and for FS 15.

Authors: Jakob Tischler, Thomas Gärtner, horoman

option 1: The downloaded file (archive format ZIP) drag the folder My Documents \MyGames\FarmingSimulator2013 \mods\  
option 2: The downloaded file (archive) unzip. And the files are in ZIP format to drag a folder My Documents \MyGames\FarmingSimulator2013 \mods\  
option 3: The downloaded file EXE Automatic installation. You need to click on it two times and run the installation.  
option 4: The downloaded file is installed with the program Giant Editor
option 5: If the name of mod is the inscription MoreRealistic  So you need to download and install MoreRealistic mod

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1 farming22  
there are many possible bug in this version of the impossible forage creates a race to empty the silos I is removed

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