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Volvo Crane ITRunner v 1.0

Volvo Crane ITRunner v 1.0

Volvo with hook loader and manipulator. Power 450 hp, 750 hp, 1250 hp Speed 65 km / h, 85 hp, 115 hp Lighting technology, animation of the farmer's hands, noise insulation, engine selection when buying, manipulator, exposed supports, trailing device, leaves traces, dust from under the wheels. Washable wheels, frame and manipulator. Stacks containers from the ITRunner Pack.

Authors: Badtime, Andreas OHV Modding, Agrosercvis Ost-West, Skin Team, Andy Bar, Opelfan1

option 1: The downloaded file (archive format ZIP) drag the folder My Documents \MyGames\FarmingSimulator2013 \mods\  
option 2: The downloaded file (archive) unzip. And the files are in ZIP format to drag a folder My Documents \MyGames\FarmingSimulator2013 \mods\  
option 3: The downloaded file EXE Automatic installation. You need to click on it two times and run the installation.  
option 4: The downloaded file is installed with the program Giant Editor
option 5: If the name of mod is the inscription MoreRealistic  So you need to download and install MoreRealistic mod

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