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Kuray v 1.2

Kuray v 1.2

Fields on the map will need to be plowed, four fields will be managed by the computer, you will be able to perform tasks on them. There are a lot of hangars and garages on the base, all of them with functional doors. There is a store of potatoes and beets, hay and straw, a gasoline storage, a wood chips warehouse, a chipper and a sawmill that produces pallets, which you can sell at the railway station, as well as wood chips. Logs you will need to load with a crane into the train cars and send it. On the map there is a huge forest.
Be sure to connect 3 additional mods:

Changes in version 1.2:
- Reduced dirt splashes
- Added lighting for the dark time of day.
- Cables LEP is now not terrible.
- For some gardens you can now drop in and plant crops.
- In the sawmill and in the forest, convenient storage for logs is installed.
- Added the point "Compost", the sale of liquid and solid manure.
- Added a sawmill icon on the front.
- The warehouse of cultures is a little altered.
- Replaced flickering towers of storage.
- Fixed silo pits, now you can get silage from them all.
- Fixed landing of the forest.
- Fixed animals, now do not hang when eating.
- The collision was removed from the bushes around 14 fields.

Archive unpack.

Credits: Алексей Дорофеев(Sosison),Ty4ka Kou

option 1: The downloaded file (archive format ZIP) drag the folder My Documents \MyGames\FarmingSimulator2013 \mods\  
option 2: The downloaded file (archive) unzip. And the files are in ZIP format to drag a folder My Documents \MyGames\FarmingSimulator2013 \mods\  
option 3: The downloaded file EXE Automatic installation. You need to click on it two times and run the installation.  
option 4: The downloaded file is installed with the program Giant Editor
option 5: If the name of mod is the inscription MoreRealistic  So you need to download and install MoreRealistic mod

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