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Cat 345B Pack v 2.0
Cat 345B Pack v 2.0

Cat 345B Excavator and Shovel V2.0
So here is the Cat 345B Excavator and shovel Version 2.0

Changes in V2.0:
Mouse Control
Fixed Lights
Textures adjusted
Shovel capacity = 10,000 Litres
Fruits that it can handle: wheat | barley | rape | maize | potato | sugarBeet | grass_windrow | dryGrass_windrow | wheat_windrow | barley_windrow | silage | forage | chaff | manure

NOTE: Some items could not be completed,
1. Hydraulic sound when using mouse control does not work, the problem is to complicated to fix and wil not be resolved.
2. The weight (mass) is down to 57.18418 this has to be the case to stop the tracks from turning when the shovel is extended and you turn the turret. (Tip: turning the turret slowly keeps it stable)
3. I attempted to rescale the mod but this created many other issues so the overall size is about about a metre over what it should be in real life.
Credits: Fredzaza/ Ieg53i/ Shangri66/ Tento


option 1:
The downloaded file (archive format ZIP) drag the folder
My Documents \MyGames\FarmingSimulator2013 \mods\

option 2:
The downloaded file (archive) unzip.
And the files are in ZIP format to drag a folder
My Documents \MyGames\FarmingSimulator2013 \mods\

option 3:
The downloaded file EXE Automatic installation.
You need to click on it two times and run the installation.

option 4:
The downloaded file is installed with the
program Giant Editor 

option 5:
If the name of fashion is the inscription MoreRealistic 
So you need to download and install 
MoreRealistic mod 

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